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Smart Class

We are Providing technology based smart Class to educational institutions. Both of Online & Offline Model.

IR Interactive whiteboard

Dimension/weight: 1750*1250*35mm/28kg, Aspect Ratio: 1670*1175cm, Active size: 4:3, Color: Silver.Technology Infrared technology Input writing by Pen, finger, ..

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Breakthroughs happen faster when your teams can gather meeting notes, documentation and inspiration..

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All-in-one Whiteboard

82” Optical Interactive Whiteboard, 10 points touch, PC : i3/i5/i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 500G HDD, WIFI, trial Win 7, software. Controller system; Digital visualizer;

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BacBon "Edu-Tab"

This Edu-TAB is featured with MCQ Quiz Test App, academic and admission test e-Learning contents for the students.


Think Board Software

We are sole provider of Thinkboard Software in Bangladesh. This Software is very easy to use and to make any kinds of e-contents. This software is developed & owned by KJS Company in Japan.


DVD Lectures

Medical Admission, Public University Admission-A-Unit, B-Unit, C-Unit and D-Unit.



BacBon Limited is coordinating and implementing CASIOs GAKUHAN activities in Bangladesh. To CASIO, selling calculators is not only goal. It actively supports teachers and students who utilize them, so that they can achieve better mathematical education using a scientific calculator; CASIO call this "GAKUHAN".

The main GAKUHAN activities are as follows:
  • 1. Construction of a training system that allows all teachers to train using a scientific calculator.
  • 2. Creation of materials that support teachers to teach mathematics using a scientific calculator.
  • 3. Pilot project to realize improvement of students mathematics ability through use of scientific calculator.
  • CASIO is the only company undertaking GAKUHAN around the world with scientific calculators.
    Together with GAKUHAN coordinators and collaborative teachers, BacBon constantly work to spread GAKUHAN in Bangladesh. For example, we are implementing ‘Math Skill Up Training Program with Technology (MSTPT) across Bangladesh.

    The mission of this project is to support the teachers make better classes using a scientific calculator. By supporting the teachers, we would like to foster human resources that governments need, and to make children's dreams come true, such as: entering a university, becoming a doctor, or becoming a teacher.

    We hope math teachers join in CASIO's GAKUHAN activities, get trained and utilize the teaching materials.



    BMOOC (Bangladesh Massive Open Online Courses) is an initiative of BacBon.It is the largest online educational platform covering all aspects of education, starting from the lower secondary to the tertiary level of education. It provides a great opportunity for every learner from home and abroad. It caters to the needs of a large audience including the secondary and higher secondary level students, university admission seekers, job seekers, as well as JSC, HSC, and University Admission (Model Test). BMOOC has been created to spread the light of knowledge every where by leveraging the ICT for Bangladeshi Students. This platform expects to bring revolutionary transformation in Digital Education.