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KJS SMART Lecture Correction Service (SLC)

Smart Lecture Correction (SLC) is an English writing correction service for Japanese high school students. This service also provides Japanese students with good opportunities to feel overseas and to have cross-cultural experiences through interacting with the overseas correctors.  The aim of the service is to inspire Japanese Students to get interested in English and, ideally, lead them to overcome their sense of not-good-at-English. Top quality corrections of the correctors are key to the success of this service.

Service at a Glance

What is the Service?

The service is to help Japanese students from Class VI to X to enhance their English Writing Skill. Japanese Students writes short essays about 60-100 words on various issues and place them on an online platform for corrections. Selected correctors from Bangladesh correct their essays and give interactive feedback on the quality of the writings and show them the way of improvement. Then students rewrite their essays. Zero mistakes are emphasized when correctors correct the essays of the students.

Who are the Service Receivers?

Different Japanese High Schools

Who Writes the Essays?

Japanese high school students from class VI to X

Who are the Correctors?

The person who are excellent at English Language. Correctors must be regular contributors and willing to work under pressure if selected

How to be Correctors?

Who passes 03 selection tests (one is online and two is written) and then successfully finish training period under supervision of our Japanese counterpart.

What is the Mark Distribution?

Name of Exam

No. of Question


Total Mark

Minimum Requirement

Online Test





Written Test (Error Finding)





Written Test (01 (One) sample correction and 02 short essay writing within 100 words)






What is the Question Pattern?

Basic and advanced grammar

What is the Age Limit of Correctors?

Anyone who passed Class XI-XI and above can be correctors and their age must be within 18 to 60 years.

What is the Nature of Work?

Home based but with strong commitment, it’s not like freelance. We have deadline for each submission. Also, service is First Come First Serve Basis. There is no guarantee of fixed number of available corrections.

Where to Contact?

BacBon Limited

Address: H# 11 (3rd Floor), Main Road, Block# B, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka-1219

Tell: +88-02-8396601