Audio-Visual Content Development

BacBon e-Learning Content/lectures Development Service

BacBon Provides has 10+ years’ experience of developing and producing top quality Audio-Visual lecture/contents for both in-house needs and national and international clients. We have a strong pool of teachers and instructors from many renowned institutions of Bangladesh.

Why choose BacBon for your Audio-Visual lecture’s development needs:

  • 1. We have more than 10 (ten) years’ experience in e-learning industry of Bangladesh
  • 2. We have 02 (two) dedicated studios featured with all modern equipment for e-learning contents development
  • 3. We have interactive Smart Boards in the studio for e-Learning contents development
  • 4. We have more than 10 (ten) years of designing, producing and developing e-learning contents for national and international clients
  • 5. We have skilled and experienced e-learning experts from home and abroad
  • 6. We have dedicated editing team to make e-Learning contents attractive with motion and graphics
  • 7. We have a Japanese technology "Think Board" to develop the lectures which requires minimum size for maximum output.

We provide any kinds of lecture development service like:

  • Academic (any class)
  • Technical/ Vocational Education
  • Medical Admission
  • University Admission
  • Professional Courses
  • Specialized Lectures (GRE, IELTS, TOEFL)

Our Valued Clients for e-Learning Content Development

World Bank, Asian Development Bank Bangladesh, JICA Bangladesh, JICF, NPO e-Education-Japan, Net-Learning Japan, KJS Japan, Bangladesh Bank, PKSF, Bank Asia, Community Bank, FSIB Bank, Standard Bank, BRAC.