Open Doors to Opportunities with Our “est” Scholarship Program

Worth a Total 3.8 LAKH TAKA (BDT 8,000/ Per Month)

Are you facing financial difficulties but have a strong desire to study at a university?

BacBon Limited and e-Education Japan are here to help you to realize your ambitions with a scholarship supported by “est” which is a brand of Japanese company “Kao” for 1st year undergraduate students!

If you’re struggling to continue your studies due to financial barriers, this scholarship could LIGHT UP your path to success with your own inquisitive. 

Don’t let your potential and your inquisitive go untapped
Apply now and take the first step toward achieving your academic goals!

est: A skincare brand that continues its daily quriosity to bring out the unlimited potential of each individual by researching the diverse activities of human beings and delivering only the truth.

We believe that "exploration" is the way to open up the future.

✸Amount of Scholarship & Duration

Level of Education Successful Candidates of Public University
Duration 4 Years
Monthly Scholarship BDT 8,000/-

✸ Scholarship policy

Applications can be made from any district or upazila.

✸The applicants should be:

  • Students who have accepted offer from Public University
  • Students who have the willingness to continue their studies

✸The applicants must have:

  • Pursue studies without giving up on his/her dreams and hopes, despite financial difficulties.
  • Continuously challenging oneself according to his/her own beliefs and inquisitive mind.
  • Have strong feelings and passion for social issues
  • As a return service, selected students must participate in the Life coach (tutorial service) as a tutor during the term receiving the scholarship.


April-July 2023 July 9, 2023 July, 16, 2023
Pre-Entry Deadline of Application Documents Academic Test Interviews