Software Development

Software Development

"Software Development" is a well-established IT Section of "BacBon Limited" with a varied range of experience on customer-satisfactory strategy. From the very beginning, BacBon Software Development is prosperous to achieve the pure position of the distinguished source of web application and Software development service.

Our term and policy is prepared authentically to retain as a trusted technology advisor for renowned entrepreneurs emphatically by offering different phases of services including business area like real estate, school, college, university, finance & banking, E-Commerce, healthcare, advertising, hotel management and marketing etc. Therefore, we are looking forward to continually meet up the business and technological demands of a diverse group of IT and non-IT vendors and trading houses.

Software Development's Services

Enterprise Resource Planning

We automate almost all the activities of any Company or Institution in the Digital Domain and to integrate those in to a single management platform which often refers to enterprise resource planning software.

Mobile Application Development

Software Development team is fully capable of developing Android Mobile (apps) for our values clients. We are committed to deliver satisfaction to our clients with native mobile applications.

Desktop Application Development

An application that runs stand-alone in a desktop or laptop computer. Contrast with "Web-based application," which requires the Web browser to run. We promise to build all sort of desktop application which meets your business requirements.

Customized Software

Custom software can accommodate customer's particular preferences and expectations. Our software development teams help our customers build customized software - everything from web to desktop to enterprise to mobile and beyond.

Website / Web Application Development

We have been building Web Application for various industries in various purpose . We have worked with many technology platforms and have collaborated with many teams over the years.

Graphics Design

Whether you require graphic design services in Bangladesh, or beyond, Our areas of expertise include graphic design, logo design, Photoshop, Illustration. We offer a wide range of design skills that can benefit your marketing campaigns.

List of Our Software

Learning Management System

Provides easy online registration for students, online exam facility, online automatic evaluation, assessment, question banks, quick tests, certification etc.

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Digital Workplace Monitoring System

Track your employees’ activities on PC so that you can clearly see what’s done throughout the day. The software saves pictures of the activities done on Personal Computer each day.

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EMIS (Education Management Information System)

(EMIS) software automates almost all the activities (academic and administrative sides) of any Educational Institution and to integrate those in to a single management platform.

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Accounting Management System

Tracks total expenses and income in an efficient way, details of daily transaction, manageable assets, liabilities and expenditure with general vouchers and ledger reports.

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Training Management System

Training Management Systems are an integral part of the eLearning design and development process, especially if you have a large set of trainers to train online.

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Dormitory Management System

Provides custom interface with easy online entry, payment, search room availability, room booking, check-in, check-out, room allocation, requisition etc. facility to manage dormitories.

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Convention Hall Booking System

Allows users to view availabilities and choose whether they should be allowed to make self-service bookings. Admin can also take payments online and specify your own terms and cancellation.

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Pharmacy Management System

Helps shops owners to manage different records like billing records, client wise reports, accurate stocking of drugs, automatic updates on pending prescription, expiry stock alerts and reminders.

Library Management System

The Library Management System is an efficient software solution that helps libraries organize, track, and manage their resources, including books, media, and user information, simplifying library operations and enhancing user experience.

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Leave Management System

Leave Management System is a software tool that efficiently tracks, manages, and automates employee leave requests, approvals, and attendance, ensuring seamless coordination and accurate records, enhancing productivity, and reducing administrative burden.

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Software Development Team's Skills

Embedded application development

We have been in the front line position of developing the embedded systems to meet all the needs of our customers.

Remote device management solutions

With the most experienced team, we have the capability to take care of your business. We can professionally help you to meet your unique challenges through our services.

Performance enhancement and optimization

We can directly help you to grow your business by performance enhancement and optimization. It is really necessary for the online marketing.

User interface for devices

We can maintain the front-panel, touch screen and android based device professionally.

Testing and debugging embedded systems

Testing of any system needs a high quality effort. You can count us as one of the specialist of it.

Cloud-to-device, Mobile-to-device workflow solutions

Cloud based computing is the new key to the modern world. Cloud-to-device, Mobile-to-device embedded technologies can be also provided from us.