Training & Event Management

Training & Event Management

BacBon Limited has over 8 Years of experience providing conference, workshop, and training management services to national and international organizations. We strive to provide our clients with international standard conferences, workshops, and training management services. We provide customized service to our clients, especially for the professional development of teachers, human resource development, technical skill development, digital literacy, etc. Throughout the journey, we have provided training and workshop services to many internationally renowned organizations such as World Bank, ADB, JICA, and CASIO Japan.

Team Structure

Innovation in SME Export Readiness & LDC Graduation

  • Organizer:BacBon Ltd
  • Date:13th December 2022 (Tuesday)
  • Venue: The Westin Dhaka

Brief of Activities:

The "Innovation in SME Export Readiness & LDC Graduation Program," which lasted for two weeks and aimed at enabling and equipping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create sustainable growth through successful expansion into new markets, came to an end on December 13. Forty small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners from important industries like leather, jute, special clothing, toys, and packaged food were given export readiness training, during which they learned the fundamentals of exporting as well as the processes and skills that are commonly used by businesses to develop export strategies.

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The Team Europe Initiative Green Energy Transition

  • Organizer:BacBon Ltd
  • Date:6th December 2022 (Tuesday)
  • Venue: The Westin Dhaka

Brief of Activities:

The Team Europe Initiative Green Energy Transition (TEI GET) in Bangladesh organised a high-level international event on 6th December 2022 in an attempt to bring together public and private partners in the green energy sector in Bangladesh on one platform. The goal of TEI GET is to help Bangladesh build a power system that meets as much of the country's energy needs as possible with renewable energy while reducing GHG emissions, energy use, and demand through energy efficiency. The purpose was to review hurdles to renewable energy generation and green investments in Bangladesh, evaluate viable solutions and identify alternatives for partnering for a greener Bangladesh during and after LDC.

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Society Co-Creation

  • Organizer: NPO e-Education (Japan) and BacBon Ltd
  • Date:12th November 2022 (Saturday)
  • Venue: The Westin Dhaka

Brief of Activities:

The Society Co-creation Conference is set to be held at The Westin Dhaka on 12 November 2022 (Saturday). In order to form a collective voice that will contribute to the making of a cooperative society with co-creation and partnership, NPO e-Education (Japan) and BacBon Limited (Bangladesh) are going to jointly organize this conference. Based on an understanding of the current precedence, the conference is intended to serve as a platform for academics and social activists for sharing their views informed by their experiences in research and activism in their respective countries and/or regions with respect to the Society Co-creation Conference.

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11th Annual Interpa Conference : 22nd Executive Board Meeting & General Council Meeting On "Digitalization of Policing"

  • Organizer: BacBon Limited
  • Duration:12th - 14th September 2022
  • Venue: Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka Hotel

Brief of Activities:

11th Annual INTERPA Conference with the Theme of “Digitalization of Policing" and 22nd Executive Board Meeting & General Council Meeting were held on the dates of 12th-14th September of 2022, hosted by Bangladesh Police Staff College, with the participation of 116 representatives of 39 countries.

This international event was organized by BacBon Limited.

Closing Ceremony of ‘Empowering Women in e-Commerce’ Program

  • Client Name: USAID Bangladesh & UNDP Accelerator Lab
  • Duration: 12th June 2022
  • Funded by: USAID Bangladesh & UNDP Accelerator Lab
  • Venue: The Westin, Dhaka

Brief of Activities:

USAID Bangladesh, with support from the ‘Economic Bureau’s Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise’ (POWER) initiative, has designed the ‘Empowering Women in e-Commerce’ program to address these challenges. In this program, USAID assisted 40 women entrepreneurs engaged in e-commerce activities to enhance their leadership, business, and financial management skills through an eight-day interactive virtual training titled ‘Expanding Online Business through E-commerce and Digital Marketing.’ The virtual training covered key aspects, including developing electronic commerce(e-commerce) business ideas, mechanisms of acquiring formal trade licenses - a requirement to operate a business in Bangladesh legally, and how to acquire bank loans for their businesses.

After completion of the virtual training, selected women entrepreneurs pitched their proposed e-commerce business ideas/expansions to a panel of judges at the Closing Ceremony that USAID Bangladesh and its program partners hosted.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the program BacBon Ltd. has taken all the necessary steps to design, structure, and execute the entire ‘Empowering Women in e-Commerce’ program. The activities were divided into two parts. First, ‘Marketing Campaign& Arrangement of Participation’ and second, ‘Technical Implementation of Program & Hosting of Final Ceremony.’

Annual Thanksgiving Program

  • Client Name: Keirinkan Japan
  • Duration: 31 March 2022
  • Funded by: Keirinkan Japan
  • Venue: The Westin, Dhaka

Brief of Activities:

BacBon has been providing English writing improvement services under the Smart Lecture Correction (SLC) program to Japanese High School kids since 2017. A number of English experts from Bangladesh are supporting the kids. Every year, Japanese client Keirinkan organizes a gala thanksgiving program for the English experts. BacBon as a local partner of the Keirinkan organizes the program every year. Till 2022, we have organized 06 similar programs on behalf of Keirinkan. High officials from Keirinkan and Japanese embassy and JICA usually join the program.

The First International Conference on Digital Education in Bangladesh

  • Organizer: Jointly BacBon and Center on Budget and Policy (CBP), University of Dhaka
  • Duration:1st September 2015
  • Funded by: Net-Learning Inc. Japan, KJS Co. Ltd. Japan, Daffodil International University, and Datasoft BD Ltd.
  • Venue: Nabab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Bhaban, University of Dhaka

Brief of Activities:

BacBon and Center on Budget and Policy (CBP), the University of Dhaka jointly organized the “First International Conference on Digital Education,” Dhaka- September-2 2015. The goal of organizing the conference was to bring all the initiatives on ICT-based teaching-learning initiatives in a single platform, promote “digital education” countrywide, inform policymakers about the ongoing revolution in “digital education,” and promote policy reforms to revolutionize e-learning initiatives.

A total of 600 people participated in the conference, including 84 international guests where most of them were from Japan.

The conference chair was Dr. M. Abu Eusuf, Director, Center on Budget and Policy, University of Dhaka. Special Guests were Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique, Honorable Ex Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, and Dr. Atiur Rahman, Ex-Governor of Bangladesh Bank. Guest of Honor was Mr. Masato Watanabe, His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan in Bangladesh, and Chief Guest was Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, Ex. Honorable Minister of Education and Keynote Speakers was Professor Yonekura Seiichiro, Hitotsubashi University, Japan.

On the conference occasion, BacBon organized an Idea Challenge Competitions across Bangladesh. A total of 120 teams competed in the challenge, and 05 teams qualified for the final competition. BacBon organized an incubation workshop for the finalists to enhance ideas and scale them up to the next level.

For more details, please visit our conference website

Support to Quality Enhancement in Primary Education - Implementation of Digital Platform for Teacher Development.

  • Client Name:Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Duration:June 2021 to August 2022
  • Funded by: Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Venue:Grand Oriental Hotel, Gulshan 1, Dhaka and Different PTIs.

Brief of Activities:

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is piloting a Digital Platform in primary schools to enhance teachers' professional development for classroom-based formative assessment to determine students learning in the classroom. Under this project, a digital platform for teacher development based on classroom observations will be set up and piloted in Bangladesh. The purpose of the ICT-based digital platform is to develop the capacity of the primary teachers by providing constant coaching for the quality enhancement of primary education.

As part of the service, BacBon has undertaken the following activities:

a) engage ten professional experts to serve as teacher coaches following agreed-upon selection criteria with ADB and the Department of Primary Education (DPE) at the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education;.

b) support the preparation of user manuals for the digital teacher development platform for concerned stakeholders, notably one manual specifically for teachers and one manual for teacher-coaches;

c) support the preparation of formative assessment content for the digital platform;

d) work closely with the key stakeholders, including concerned local education officials, teacher educators, headteachers, and others, to contribute to the design of training on the ICT teacher development platform and develop training session agendas, presentations, and resources for teachers and coaches;

e) implement separate user training for teachers and coaches, government officials, and headteachers of primary schools;

f) manage coaches conducting at least two field visits per month to each selected school under the project;

f) manage coaches conducting at least two field visits per month to each selected school under the project;

g) manage coaches conducting at least three classroom observations during each school visit using the digital platform and providing feedback to teachers utilizing feedback messages suggested through the digital platform;

h) support the preparation of a manual for a hybrid coaching and mentoring approach that includes a combination of (physical, online, and phone-based) coaching and mentoring;

i) conduct /manage coaches conducting hybrid coaching and mentoring approach with teachers in select schools using the digital platform;

j) support capacity building for government officials for utilizing the digital platform; and

k) provide users' feedback for improving the design of the digital platform and coaching system;

In the training part, 480 primary school teachers, 104 government officials, and 120 head teachers received training on formative assessment and used the digital platform to conduct the formative assessment in the classroom.

Workshop on ‘e-Teachers Guide for Primary School’

  • Client Name:NPO e-Education, Japan
  • Duration:22 August 2022
  • Funded by: Japan International Cooperation Foundation
  • Venue:The Westin, Dhaka.

Brief of Activities:

BacBon has been working since 2019 to develop an e-Teachers guide for primary school teachers with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Foundation. We have conducted around 12 training workshops for the teachers including officials from the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE). Teachers are supposed to use the e-TG as a digital aid to prepare themselves for conducting classes.

The Project for Capacity Building of Nursing Services

  • Client Name: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Duration:June 2019 to 2022
  • Funded by: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Venue:Dhaka Nursing College

Brief of Activities:

JICA is enhancing the health systems of Bangladesh strengthening through cooperation with the GOB based on the analysis that human resources for health, especially nurses, have issues in number, quality, and unequal distribution in urban and rural areas. Considering the overall improvement of nursing in Bangladesh, the project aims to improve nursing education in Bangladesh.

Implementing agencies of the project are Directorate General of Nursing and Midwifery (DGNM), Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council (BNMC), Dhaka Nursing College (DNC), Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The scope of work of BacBon Limited includes conducting a workshop for the selected instructors of Dhaka Nursing College and providing training and technical assistance to make them knowledgeable about e-Learning content development tools and techniques. BacBon conducted ten workshops for the instructors on making e-Learning content and uploading it in Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, BacBon provided online assistance and training to the instructors whenever required. A total of 15 nurses were trained in the project.

‘Technical Implementation & Impact Evaluation of e-Learning Pilot Project’

  • Client Name:United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • Duration:December 2021 to April 2022
  • Funded by: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Brief of Activities:

The UNDP Bangladesh Accelerator Lab is implementing a pilot e-learning project collaborating with Volunteer Association Bangladesh (VAB) to evaluate the learning outcome of secondary level students after they receive the opportunity of digital learning. Under the piloting project, the lab will support students who are deprived of quality learning due to a lack of quality teaching staff and other resources. Moreover, the situation has further been worsened by the Impact of COVID-19. Through the current intervention, the accelerator Lab will offer additional learning opportunities to supplement the existing education through e-Learning.

However, effective e-Learning depends on quality e-contents, affordable hardware, and reliable and robust software, which is usually inaccessible to digitally underprivileged students, especially young girls. Hence, the Accelerator Lab such as provides technical implementation support for the project and has undertaken a data-driven approach to generate new learnings on and around the project. The lab has distributed 99 digital tablets to 191 students, including 22 teachers, on a shared basis in nine schools of Sathkhira, Kurigram, Nilphamary, Pabna, and Jashore. The initial part of the project has already been implemented from 1 October to 30 November 2021.

So far, the project has supported these students in their preparation for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination that began on 14 November 2021. The project offered students e-contents (videos, scripts, tests) on which the 2021 SSC examination in the Science stream is being held – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The e-contents were uploaded and delivered to the students via tablets. The Accelerator Lab also put in place a Learning Management System (LMS) for the project that serves as a Monitoring and Evaluation system that tracks hours spent by students on videos, scripts, and tests related to the learning contents. Moving forward, the Accelerator Lab is planning to expand the scope of the pilot to serve upcoming 2022 SSC candidates and evaluate the impact of the e-learning pilot project through necessary monitoring and research.

As a part of content development, BacBon has developed e-Contents for the required subject mentioned in the ToR. These contents have been installed on the existing Learning Management System (LMS), where Science, Humanities, and Business studies contents are already available. BacBon also procured 50 tablets as a part of deliverables and handed them over to VAB. A total of 159 tablets, with e-Learning contents and exams, will be used as supporting learning material for around 318 students for the upcoming Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam 2022 in 7 districts specified by the VAB. All tablet, including contents, has been successfully handed over to VAB.

For the pilot project, BacBon has conducted a Baseline survey as a part of an impact evaluation research to find the effectiveness of the piloting eLearning intervention on the educational performance of the selected students. It will compare the learning outcome of the intervention for the students who have received TABs with eLearning content with the same number of students from the selected schools who have not received eLearning opportunities.

As a part of the service, BacBon has taken the following activities:

This assignment aims to conduct a pilot project for the impact evaluation of e-learning by supporting 318 students in 18 schools (Satkhira, Kurigram, Nilphamary, Pabna, Jashore, Bandarban, and Chittagong). The students of these schools received Tablet-based learning materials for the upcoming 2022 SSC examination. BacBon provided the following supports to achieve the objective.

- Provide required e-contents in the form of videos, scripts, and tests as per the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) curriculum, upload, and install in the existing UNDP LMS for delivery to students via tablets.

- Conduct workshops for the students and project personnel to educate them about using the e-Contents of the Tab and track progress.

- Deliver 60 tablets matching the specifications of the current deployment. The existing and new tablets together will be distributed to the 2022 batch students on a shared basis for eLearning.

- Provide technical implementation support and monitor the pilot project.

Upon completion of the pilot project, data will be analyzed based on students' and schools' learning behavior and performance through data available in the LMS to showcase valuable trends, patterns, and insights.

A baseline survey will be conducted to assess the current and the pre-pilot implementation status of all relevant indicators, and an end-line survey to evaluate the progress, results, and impact of the pilot intervention (including samples from non-tablet users) and deliver an end-line report.

Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education in Primary Education Project in Bangladesh (A TV Program as a response to COVID-19 Pandemic study loss), JICA Support Program 3.

  • Client Name:PADECO Co., Ltd.
  • Duration:December 2020 to December 2021
  • Funded by: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Venue:BacBon Multimedia Studio

Brief of Activities:

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning activities of around 38.6 million students have come to a halt. One of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) was developing and disseminating learning content adapted to different platforms, including TV, radio, mobile and online modalities. Television broadcasting of pre-recorded lessons started from March 29 for secondary and from April 7, 2020, for primary level students to minimize the adverse impacts of school closure on learning. In this respect, the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), with the support from the a2i program, broadcasted the digital content for primary level students on Sangsad TV. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) led the initiative for content developments.

BacBon is proud to be part of this covid-19 recovery initiative with JICA. As a part of the contract, BacBon limited developed 380 video content on mathematics subjects. For this purpose, BacBon provided comprehensive training to the selected primary school on video content development.

e-Science impact evaluation project under Ministry of Education

  • Client Name:NPO e-Education, Japan
  • Duration:June 2013 to December 2014
  • Venue:Various School Premises

Brief of Activities:

BacBon was involved in the e-Science pilot project as a part of the collaboration with NPO e-Education. The World Bank (WB) funded the Project. The Project's goal was to enhance the quality of science education in Bangladesh through ICT technology-based intervention, a part of the Secondary Education Quality Enhancement Project (SEQAEP). The Project was piloted in 40 randomly selected SEQAEP schools. BacBon developed e-Learning content on the three science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for

grades 9 and 10. Later on, an impact evaluation study took place in 60 participating schools, of which 40 schools were treatment schools (30 schools for science, ten schools for humanities), and 20 schools will be control schools (10 schools each for science and humanities). Two types of treatment took place. Science stream students who received DVDs of all four subjects, whereas humanities stream students will receive math DVDs only. The IE took place in 5 Upazilas in the Dhaka division, namely Dhamrai, Kaliakor, Fulbaria, Belabo, and Raipura.

The key activities of the Project were:

  • 1. Produce and deliver DVDs and instruction manuals for all 40 participating schools.
  • 2) Organize orientations for the 40 participating schools.
  • 3) Conduct a workshop for improving the skill for presentation in orientation.