Smart Lecture Correction Service (SLC)

Smart Lecture Correction Service (SLC)

Since 2017, BacBon Limited has revolutionized English writing skill development for Japanese high school students with the Smart Lecture Correction (SLC) Service. It is a global platform that connects English Experts from various countries, including Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, the Philippines, and Uganda, to provide high-quality writing skill development services to Japanese high schools. With over 200,000 students from more than 370 Japanese high schools already benefitting from SLC, our dedicated team of English Experts in Bangladesh is committed to promoting cross-cultural learning and relationship-building among the service receivers. SLC provides a unique English learning experience. Students write topic-based essays, showcasing their creativity and receiving personalized feedback from English Experts worldwide. It's like having a virtual English teacher! SLC builds a global community, broadening students' cultural understanding and forging lifelong connections.

Service at a Glance

What is the Nature of Work?

Japanese high school students submit topic-based English short essays on the SLC Global Website. The number of answers the students submit can vary daily, and they have no fixed daily quota. There are 03 (three) essay types with different word limits: 01.Basic (30~70 words) 02. Standard (60~100 words) 03. Advanced (80~150 words) Experienced English Experts typically complete an essay in 10 minutes on average. An English Expert can earn BDT 30,000+ based on their effort and abilities. New English Experts may initially take longer, but with consistent work, their efficiency improves. Remember, consistency is key!

What is the Employment Type of an English Expert?

It's important to note that currently, BacBon is hiring English Experts only for full-time employment positions, and they must work from our office as regular employees. Additionally, we require our English Experts to commit to working with us for at least 01 (one) year. However, remote full-time employment may be considered only for exceptional candidates.

Who are the Service Receivers of SLC?

The service receivers of SLC are Japanese high schools that want their students to improve their English writing skills. Students in Japanese junior high schools (grades VII-IX) and senior high schools (grades X-XII) submit their essays using SLC.

Key Skill and Ability Requirements of an English Expert

SLC English Experts are skilled professionals passionate about helping Japanese high school students improve their writing skills and gain confidence. English Experts have a strong command of the English language and come from diverse backgrounds. They all share the goal of providing unique and personalized feedback. They are trained extensively by quality managers. English Experts also promote cross-cultural learning and relationship-building to impact students' lives positively.

Becoming an English expert at SLC requires the following:

01. Top-notch English writing skills
02. Excellent typing speed (at least 35 words per minute)
03. Prompt communication skill
04. Excellent teamwork
05. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree from a reputed university
06. Flexible approach to work and commitment to good service
07. A genuine passion for teaching
08. Ability to balance and maintain both quality and quantity

Employment Process:

At SLC, we welcome applicants of all ages to join our team of English Experts. A candidate has to follow these steps:

01. Apply via the application form
02. Take an online screening test (MCQ) for primary assessment
03. Appear in final tests (03 tests: MCQ, grammar assessments, and writing)
04. On-site interview
05. Attend online training by Japanese clients (25 sample lessons in 05 sessions)y
06. Final selection
07. Pass probation period (06 months)
08. Job confirmation

Please note that steps 02-04 will be held at the BacBon office premises.

What is the Question Pattern?

The SLC recruitment selection test process has three stages:

01. 01 (one) grammar test with 50 multiple-choice questions;
02. 01 (one) error correction test with 30 erroneous sentences and
03. 03 (three) writing tests (error explanation, essay correction, and essay writing)
All the tests are held on the same day. Candidates will be eliminated if they do not pass a stage. They will immediately get results for the first 02 (two) stages. The third stage's results will be checked carefully, and they will be notified later.

What are the Mark Distributions for the Recruitment Tests?

To qualify for interview and SLC training, applicants must pass three on-site tests with minimum passing scores:

01. The first test is a 50-mark grammar test (MCQ) with a 15-minute time limit, requiring a minimum score of 45.
02. The second test is a 30-mark error correction test with a 30-minute time limit, requiring a minimum score of 24.
03. The third stage is a 30-minute comprehensive evaluation that includes an error explanation, essay correction, and essay writing, with results sent later.

Working Schedule for Full-time English Experts

Employment type: Full-time, on-site
Office hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Working days: 05 days
Weekly holidays: 02 days (Friday & Saturday)

Where to Contact?

For any queries regarding SLC, please email us at or

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