Introducing BacBon LMS

Learning Management System

What is BacBon LMS?

BacBon Learning management system (LMS) is a web-based application for educational institutes and corporate organizations that provides a large and indispensable set of features to support educational and training activities such as accessing online-course, online exams, mock-exams, distance learning and evaluation of study progress. The web-based LMS allows learners/trainees to run the software on any modern web browser by using PCs, laptops or even on mobile devices. The LMS delivers and manages all types of contents, including videos, courses, and documents and it recognizes successful completion of training or course by the way of awarding certificates. Therefore, it is blended learning solution packed with all sophisticated learning.

How many types of LMS do we have?

BacBon preliminary offers you two types of LMS.

1. Corporate LMS

We have a cloud-based Corporate LMS which mainly focuses corporate trainings, employee trainings specially designed for organizations such as Banks, NGOs etc. Organizations can deliver trainings, educate and update employees’ knowledge and potentiality through our corporate type LMS. Our corporate LMS allows the company to easily generate training reports on an overall or employee level basis. By utilizing the LMS for eLearning courses and/or online training, companies can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI and more.

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2. Academic LMS

We also deliver a web-based Academic LMS which is specifically intended for schools, colleges, universities and coaching centers or even private tutors. This LMS is slightly different than the corporate one. By using our School LMS, institutions can share class materials. All students—regardless of whether they are in class or learning remotely—will have access to the lesson including assignment, activities and resources. Textbooks can even be shared online via software applications. Our academic LMS provides both the academic and administrative solutions.

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Who uses this software?

We are very pleased to serve BacBon LMS (Learning management system) to BRAC Bank Limited, Bank Asia Limited, First Security Islami Bank Limited, Community Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (Metro-Rail), e-Education - Japan, Police Staff College, Volunteer Association of Bangladesh, Asian Development Bank for non-formal education research project and the list continues. We are happily serving all of our valuable clients.

Asian Development Bank
Brac Bank
Brac Bank
Bank Asia Limited
First Security Islami Bank Limited
Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority - DTCA
Commercial Bank
 Volunteers Association for Bangladesh
 Australian Int. School
 Ministry of Women & Children

LMS Pricing

BacBon LMS works best for both corporate organizations and academic institutions that care about their online trainings and employees’/students’ learning experience. BacBon LMS features are modern, sleek and highly customizable. Learn more about BacBon LMS pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use. Contact us to know more about pricing and it helps us understand your requirements cloesly.

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