Message From Managing Director

Message From Managing Director

Greeting. BacBon Limited is an ICT based Social Enterprise. We envision to ensure access to the Quality Education in Cheaper Cost to all and maintain high level customer’s satisfaction. We feat the modern ICT innovation for the enhancement of Quality Education of Bangladesh and reduce the gap between rural and urban area. BacBon provide both offline and online education services and products to gain the goal. Our Philosophy is ‘nothing is impossible’. We believe, a lot of things has been done for Education, now it’s high time to be concentrated to the Quality of Education.

BacBon has its own Learning Management system Called BacBon School. Here, visitors can access to Academic and Admission Test Lectures, Professional Courses, and learn from the life history of legendary persons of Bangladesh and many more.

BacBon aims to be one of the top five Education and IT Company of Bangladesh by 2030.


Abdul Matin Sheikh Maheen
Founder & Managing Director
BacBon Limited
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