Our Expertise

BacBon Limited has expertise in the following fields

1. E-Education Service

BacBon is a leading E-education service provider in Bangladesh. We are providing Education services to the learners of Bangladesh with two digital platforms: BacBon School and BacBon Tutors. BacBon School is an eLearning platform, and BacBon Tutors is a digital tuition management platform. The objective of both platforms is to ensure inclusive quality education for learners. Through BacBon School, we provide pre-schooling solutions to university admission aspirants, academic learning solutions with an integrated learning management system (LMS), e-learning solutions for professional development. Through BacBon Tutors, we provide all sorts of Tuition Management Services (matching tutors and learners online and offline), English Writing Skill Development Services (national and international clients). Both platforms are available in web and app versions.

2. E-Learning Content Development, Distribution, and Maintenance

We have more than 08 (Eight) years’ experience in digital education and e-Learning content development, distribution, and maintenance. We have a young, energetic, and skilled e-Learning content development expert. In addition, we have 02 (two) dedicated studios with the latest equipment for e-learning content development with several smart boards.

3. Data-Driven Social Research and Consultancy

We have more than 07 (seven) years of experience conducting various data-driven social and market research for national and international organizations. Our research team is formed with a combination of university faculties, trained staff, and industry experts. We support conducting qualitative and quantitative research based on primary and secondary data.

Moreover, we have a very experienced and trained data collection team composed of various university students. Hence, we also provide online and offline data collection, management, analysis, and reporting services.

4. Software Development Solution and Maintenance Service

We have been delivering innovative tech solutions with a proven track record in Software Application Development, Software Maintenance, and IT outsourcing for the past seven years. Our professional, dedicated, flexible team, sophisticated engineering, and agile delivery approaches provide the best digital transformation services for better business outcomes. Our expertise includes web, desktop, and mobile applications development with domain knowledge of different business nature.

We are successfully providing services to several organizations through our globally-standard software like Education Management Information System (EMIS), Learning Management System (LMS), Accounting Management System (AMS), Digital Workplace Monitoring System (DWMS) and the list continues.

We take pride in ourselves for working with international clients, coping with overseas business approaches, maintaining foreign time constraints, and implementing successful enterprise solutions that extensively reflect our client’s portfolio. We have been awarded THE BEST OUTSOURCING ICT AWARDS 2020 and 2021 by BASIS to recognize a promising company in the recent past.

BacBon Ltd

5. Integrated Smart Solutions

We have provided integrated smart solutions to national and international organizations for the last 05 years. Our smart solutions include the digital smartboard, digital podium, PA System, Video Conferencing system, data center, & networking.

6. Training Management

We have rigorous experience conducting training programs for the primary and high schools’ teachers to advance their IT-based knowledge and skills; for instance, 1200+ high school teachers and 20,000+ students have already got training from BacBon Limited under CASIO Computers’ Math Skill-Up training project.

7. English Writing Improvement Service

We have more than 05 (five) years of experience providing English writing skill development services to Japanese high school students with a signature program called Smart Lecture Correction (SLC) service. More than 80,000 students from 380 high schools are currently receiving our correction service. We have already started a similar service for Bangladeshi students to improve their English language writing abilities.

8. IT Enabled Services

As part of ITES service, we provide social media branding and promotion service, data entry service, integrated teaching solution, & transcription service.