e-Education Site

e-Education Site

In recent years, the field of education has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of e-education sites. These online platforms have revolutionized the way we learn, making education more accessible, flexible, and interactive. This article delves into the benefits and potential of e-education sites and their role in shaping the future of learning.

Key Features

  • Online Admission
  • Offline Reading.
  • Well-designed student and admin Dashboard
  • Exchanging important notes/syllabus or questions and assignments.
  • Homework Management.
  • Provide quizzes to check merit in each class.
  • E-Mail or SMS System.
  • Generate Report Cards
  • Payment gateway
  • The system will work even if there is no short net or regular net.

The Advantages

  • Reporting and data analysis Analyzing and reporting.
  • Easily Course creation.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Easy Access to Information
  • Skill and certification tracking.
  • Verification.

Other Features

  • Main admin account for the organization.
  • Video class upload account for a teacher.
  • Students personal profile.
  • Bookmark the class of choice or the important class.
  • Database management and backups
  • Blog for special knowledge for students.
  • Submitting assignment to Teacher.
  • Merit verification with repeated quizzes at the end of class.
  • Short use of software on the Internet.
  • Social Engagement.
  • Exchanging important hand-notes or syllabus.
  • Exchanging test question papers.
  • Notice option of the organization.

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