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BacBon Limited, an Ed-Tech-based Company, has been serving in Bangladesh since 2013. We have long experience of partnering with development partners to implement Ed-Tech based interventions to enhance the quality of education in Bangladesh. Currently, BacBon is partnering with Chemonics (prime) International and Michigan State University for the implementation Higher Secondary Education Project (HSEP), funded by USAID and led by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE). The HSEP aims to improve the quality of education in Higher Secondary Education in Bangladesh through introducing ICT- led blended approaches in Teachers’ Professional Development. Considering the legal requirement of the project and to ensure compliance with local and international laws and practices, we need to review and update BacBon’ s existing HR Manual (Policy). Therefore, we are looking for an individual/firm to review and update our HR manual.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work under this assignment is as follows:

  1. Review and update the HR Manual of BacBon Limited
  2. Ensure compliance with the HR Policies and regulations are aligned with the labor law of Bangladesh.
  3. Issue a certificate for BacBon Limited stating that policies and regulations of the HR manual are aligned with Bangladesh labor law.
  4. Add any necessary part in the manual if we miss any important aspects required according to Labor law or international practice.


  1. Submit the final version of the manual.
  2. Issue a certificate of compliance with labor law.

Qualification Requirement of the Consultant (Legal Advisor):

  • - At least LLB (Hon’s), LLM degree from any recognized University
  • - Expertise in Labor Law, Policy, Rules, Regulations, Civil, Corporate, Criminal, Revenue, and Arbitration issues.
  • - Enrollment in the Bar Council as an Advocate and at least 05 years of work experience and practice in judge court
  • - At least five years of relevant and proven experience delivering legal services in the Corporate Sector and development sector.
  • - Excellent skill in English, both written and spoken.

Duration of Consultancy:

The duration of the above assignment is from 07 March 2024 to 20 March 2024. The assignment must be submitted 07 working days after issuing a service order.

Evaluation Criteria:

The evaluation of the consultants will be done according to the categories mentioned below:

  • Financial Proposal
  • Educational Qualification
  • Overall work experience
  • Relevant work experience

Process of Recruitment:

The interested individual/firm is requested to submit a financial quotation along with CV/Company Profile to by 20th March 2024. Selected individuals will be notified with an e-mail notification.

Job Location:

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Application Deadline:

March 20, 2024