Pedagogy Expert


Job Context:

Higher Secondary Education Project (HSEP), funded by USAID, is an ambitious undertaking that aspires to revolutionize Higher Secondary Education in Bangladesh. The key focus of the Higher Secondary Education Project (HSEP) is to improve teaching-learning practices for the students of higher secondary level (grades 11-12). Mainly, this project aims to enhance teachers' instructional and management skills, pilot innovations, and use promising approaches to improve the quality of teaching-learning practices. Chemonics International, with its partners BacBon Limited and Michigan State University College of Education, is working under the guidance of the Ministry of Education's Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE). System development and knowledge input are the key areas where BacBon will contribute the contents: i. LMS ii. e-Library iii. Instructional Guides for Teachers (IGT) iv. Professional Learning Community (PLC) v. Formative Assessment Pilot.

Job Nature:


Gross Salary:

Based on Deliverable and Attractive Package


One of the main objectives of this assignment is to develop IGT for the teachers of Higher Secondary Level (grades 11-12). The IGT would be one of the readily available solutions for teachers' preparedness to improve their teaching-learning practice. This is a compilation of lesson plans in which content-specific teaching-learning strategies are suggested for teachers to engage learners in the learning process actively. The IGT will contain some key features:

  • • Based on the National Curriculum and Textbooks
  • • Lesson-specific Learning Outcomes/Objectives
  • • Lesson-specific list of required Teaching Aids
  • • Content-specific pedagogical techniques
  • • Self-explanatory
  • • Audio-visual in nature
  • • 3-5 minutes duration
  • • Relevant demonstration and experimentation
  • • Indication for Formative Assessment
  • • Available 24/7, anytime, anywhere, anybody

Furthermore, some criteria would have been suggested to be considered to map the contents of the streams, such as Subject, Difficulty Level, Universality, Abstractedness, etc.

Scope of Work:

The Pedagogy Team will provide a draft format of IGT (Script and Storyboard). Based on that draft format, the subject specialist will develop the final IGT by meeting the following responsibilities:

  • • The subject specialist will map the contents into lessons.
  • • He/she needs to develop and finalize the draft script with the pedagogy experts.
  • • Experts need to take part in storyboard finalization for quality control.
  • • He/she needs to provide quality support for the audio-visual content during and after shooting/editing.
  • • He/she needs to check the rough cut of the videos and provide quality feedback.
  • • After receiving a draft, he/she will check and finalize the videos.

Specific Deliverables:

Based on the agreement, the following will be the deliverables of a subject expert:

  • • Provide Final Content List
  • • Provide Lesson-wise Draft Script
  • • Provide Lesson-wise Final Script
  • • Provide a Storyboard based on the Final Script
  • • Support in draft audio-visual content
  • • Support in the final audio-visual content


Based on the agreement, the following will be the deliverables of a subject expert:

  • • Post-graduation/Master's Degree in the relevant subject
  • • Previous teaching/training conduction experience on the relevant subject for a minimum of 5-7 years.
  • • Good knowledge of Audio-visual content development.

Experts Needed:

Based on the agreement, the following will be the deliverables of a subject expert:

  • • Physics (1st and 2nd Paper)
  • • Chemistry (1st and 2nd Paper)
  • • Biology (1st and 2nd Paper)
  • • Math (General and Higher Math)
  • • ICT
  • • English (1st and 2nd Paper)
  • • Bangla (1st and 2nd Paper)

Job Location:

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Application Deadline:

March 18, 2024